Algaeo AutoModule


Grow fertilizer on site and never have it shipped in again! Algaeo is putting the power to make sustainable, organic, and efficient fertilizers on demand and on site! Our fertilizer boost soil microbial activity, helps protect plant roots, and increases yield and biomass output. The system gives farmers complete freedom to modify the fertilizer for their own purposes and the output can be applied to a variety of crops from microgreens to fruits, vegetables, and hemp. Our products are completely organic and contain NO synthetic materials.


The Algaeo AutoModule allows 55 gallon round barrel drums and 275 gallon totes to be turned into bioreactors for micro-algae based fertilizer production.

Currently in its beta form, the system monitors the temperature, pH, and density of biomass within the grow container. Eventually the system will be fully autonomous and will track the growth of the algae from start to finish and provide data and alerts to the grower when the contents of the container are ready to be applied as a fertilizer.

The fertilizer grown inside of the barrel will yield an NPK of 3-3-3, which can be modified with natural inputs (or under the guidance of Algaeo’s consultation, can be increased to a 9-1-3).


The contents include:

1 Algaeo AutoModule

1 Liquid Starter Culture with our Proprietary Growth Boost


***Please allow 1-2 weeks for production and shipping.


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