Sustainable and Organic Fertilizers for our Planet

Algaeo aims to provide hardware, product, and knowledge that assists individuals with acquiring powerful fertilizers that boost productivity, yield, and quality. All of this while helping our planet and atmosphere thrive. 

Our Products

Algaeo allows growers and plant lovers to unlock the power of algae on site and leverage it as an  fertilizer. Pick your path and lets grow together!

Our Story

Democratized Organic Fertilizer That Helps our Planet

Algaeo began as a way to help individuals across the planet harness the power of Algae to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide. Algae grow quickly, take carbon dioxide from the air, and are easily grown under a variety of conditions. Scientific research has shown the benefit of algae based fertilizers on a variety of crops, and we aim to help farmers boost their soil health using the power of algae.


Our products use natural ingredients only, but we process it to remove contaminants and toxins.

Easily Utilized

Algaeo's fertilizer can be used alongside current fertilizer regimens as a supplement or a become a complete replacement.

100% Organic

You'll find no synthetic chemicals in any of our products! We are planet friendly and plant safe!

Fertilizers for the future

The One Stop Shop
for Algae Based Fertilizers

Our planet is in need of sustainable and efficient methods that maintain or boost productivity in the agricultural space. Algae based fertilizers are the perfect tool for doing so.

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